3 in 1 pocket grey card & white balance card

$20.00 inc. GST

  • Pocket size for easy to carry around
  • Includes 18% grey card, white card and black card
  • Includes strap
  • PVC plastic
  • Credit card size

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This credit card sized grey card offers an uncomplicated and accurate colour balance. All cards are spectrally neutral. Therefore they can be used to balance colours in all kinds of light conditions.

This grey card is suitable for a direct colour balancing for JPEGs as well as for RAW photographers who want to adjust the colour balance in the postprocessing (RAW-converter) without much effort.


Additional Benefit:
Via spot metering the grey card can be used for light metering. Don’t forget to look at the white and black cards on your display screen. That way you can analyse the range of contrast – very useful in the postprocessing.


Technical Details: 
Dimensions: 8,5cm x 5,4cm x 0,8mm (credit card sized)


Scope of Delivery: 
3 cards: grey, white and black
black carrying strap with spring clip


1. Shoot a photo with the grey card under the same lightning conditions as your subject.
2. Photograph your subject under the same lightning conditions as before but without the grey card.
3. Open the pictures in the RAW-converter.
4. Click with the white balance tool on the grey card.
5. Copy the white balance adjustment and use it with all of the pictures that were made under the same lightning conditions.

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3 in 1 pocket grey card & white balance card
$20.00 inc. GST