ATF Torqued screw set for Gopro (Pack of 5)

$12.00 inc. GST

  • Ergonomic L-Shaped Design
  • Delivers Better Leverage for Tightening
  • Ideal in High-speed, High-Vibration Situations
  • Compatible with all GoPro Models
  • Works with Gloves on
  • Economical 5-Pack

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The ATF Torqued! Thumbscrew kit contains 5 ergonomic thumbscrews compatible with your GoPro action camera and mounts. A simple but elegant design ensures maximum security and stability when mounting your GoPro camera.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

The L-shaped head provides better leverage and allows you to apply maximum torque to the screw to ensure an extremely solid connection between the camera, the mount and your mounting location.

Ideal in High-speed, High-vibration Activities

Ideal for high-speed, high-vibration scenarios, the Torqued! screws deliver much more clamping pressure than achievable with finger tightening traditional thumbscrews and ensures your GoPro footage is stable and your camera and mounts are secure and not likely to vibrate or become detached.

Great for use in Snow

Great for snow sports, the user-friendly design of the 5-pack of After the Fact Torqued screws enable you to adjust your GoPro camera and fine-tune its mounting position without removing your gloves.