Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7 Digital Camera

$2.00 inc. GST

  • Safeguards Screen Against Scratches/Dirt
  • Pre-Cut to Exact Screen Dimensions
  • Silicone Gel Leaves No Sticky Residue
  • Durable PET Plastic
  • Bubble-Free Application
  • Washable and Reusable

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Expert Shield is for those who want the best protection available!

The Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 7 offers clear visibility without sacrificing protection. It is designed to resist scratches front & back and provide protection for the iPhone 7. The anti-bubble shield is easy to install and does not leave any marks or residue on your screen. This comes with both front and back protectors. The thin protector’s silicone gel layer allows it to cling securely to your screen without leaving a sticky residue behind. It is easy to install without trapping any air bubbles, and is just as simple to remove. Hard but highly flexible optical grade PET plastic with a durable scratch-resistant coating offers high clarity with no distortion. The top layer of the protector is also crafted from an extremely clear, durable plastic, adding one more invisible barrier against damage. It is washable and includes a lint-free cleaning cloth.

Rather fitting.

Your Expert Shield doesn’t need any glue, or anything spraying to your camera to fit it. This means there’ll never be any residue left behind and it won’t develop an orange peel-like crust over time – like some brands. Not only that, but combine our special silicone gel layer with our intensely helpful instructions, fitting will be a breeze. And if it’s not a breeze, get in touch. We’re here for you.

Real protection.

In the middle is an ultra-hard mask to keep out deeper scratches. And on top is a durable plastic that absorbs lighter scratches and keeps your Expert Shield looking perfect for longer. Longer? We meant longest. Because if it ever does peel, or scratch. Just send it back. It’s guaranteed.


You’ve just not experienced clear like Expert Shield clear. You won’t find a screen protector with higher optical clarity on the market. Bold? Yeah, we know. If you do find clearer, or you can notice a loss in clarity once fitted, send it back. We’ll eat our words.