Godox 6pcs Speed Light Accessories Kit (softbox, reflector, color filter, snoot, honey comb and flash holder)

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  • Universal fit to most of the standard speed lights
  • Includes: soft box, reflector, color gels, snoot, honey comb and umbrella mounting bracket

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Studio level lighting effect control,good originality inspiration, portable to carry
Made from high quality materials to meet the most demanding standards and designed to be compact and lightweight, it folds away to fit easily into a camera bag.

Softbox: soft and even light, more natural result 

  • Model: SB1520
  • Size: 15 x 20cm

Mini Reflector: white dffused/silver bounced light

  • Model: MRF-01
  • Size: 17x 14cm

Honey Comb: precise and direct light

  • Model: HC-01
  • Size:85x54x12mm

Color Filters: correction and special effects

  • Model: CF-07
  • Size: 39x80mm

Snoot spot light, shaping light for creative shooting

  • Model: SN3030
  • Size: 31x 26.8cm

Speedlite Holder: speedlite /umbrella bracket

  • Model: E Holder
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Soft box