Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash SB700

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Designed for use with Nikon DSLR cameras that use the i-TTL metering system. The SB-700 Speedlight Shoe Mount Flash from Nikon is an on-camera flash, compatible with DX and FX sensors. Its power zoom head covers a 24-120mm range when used with an FX camera.

Users are able to use the strobe directly on the camera via the hot shoe, or wirelessly as a Commander or Remote. Expanding your creative lighting options is the flash. Using the flash as a Commander allows you it to take control over other Nikon Speedlights. As a Remote, it can be controlled by another Speedlight, or your camera’s built-in flash. Now giving you the ability to control two remote units in i-TTL mode, Quick Wireless Mode, with A:B light ratios, allows you to quickly adjust settings on multiple flash units.
One of its coolest features is a dot-matrix LCD control panel with an intuitive layout for easy operation. It derives power from AA batteries — supporting rechargeable NiMH, disposable Alkaline, and disposable Lithium cells. Recycle time is a scant 2.5 seconds when using NiMH, 3 seconds when using Alkaline.
The flash is prevented from overheating by The SB-700’s Thermal Cut-Out detection — it increases the recycling time if the temperature of the flash head crosses a certain threshold, preventing the unit from becoming damaged.
The strobe features hard plastic-type color filters for fluorescent and incandescent color temperature balancing. When using these supplied filters, the flash is able to recognize which filter is installed, adjusting the white balance automatically on compatible Nikon DSLR cameras. To help speed up the autofocus of your camera in low-light situations, it also features an AF-assist illuminator lamp. The SB-700 supports three illumination patterns — standard, center-weighted, and even — for use in different shooting situations. Standard mode provides conventional flash coverage. Even mode covers the subject with even light across the entire frame. This is ideal for group photos where even illumination is desired. Center-weighted mode directs the light to the center of the frame, creating a vignette and beautiful background around your subject that is suitable for portraiture.