Nisi Cleaning Kit Include Blower and Lens Pen with Retractable Brush

$19.00 inc. GST

  • Blower with one way valve
  • Superfine frosted surface lens pens
  • Up to 500+ uses
  • retractable brush

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The Cleaning Kit from Nisi include blower and lens pens is the essential accessories for any photographer. The blower is made from soft rubber with one way valve to prevent getting dust back as well provide strong air flow. The Nano Cleaning Lens Pen from Nisi is the latest generation lens pen consists of high technology molecule materials with superfine frosted surface. The high quality soft brush is retracktable. The unique molecule high technology of cleaning tip never dry or leak out. Nisi Nano Cleaning Lens Pen is enviromental friendly and safe for all optical lenses and specially designed to remove fingerprints, dust and other debris.